Everything will be ok


This is a magical book, Maria’s first illustrated story. Maria is a creative director, photographer and educator but before all that, she is a happy person, full of energy, dreams and curiosity! Not being able to go outside and capture happiness through photography, made her explore a brand new style and creative world. The book was created during confinement in Barcelona, and was presented as an animated story, bringing hope and joy to this difficult stage and any other gray moment of our lives.

A dream became true. Few months later the book was published by Caligrama (Penguin Random House) in 3 languages: Catalan (original), Spanish and English.

Inspired by the book, Maria also created a series of workshops coming very soon. A pack of experiences about creativity, rythm, friendship, and lots of good vibes!

Maria was the founder of the neckwear and lifewear brand Ema Protect Your Smile and following that dream, she created with her mother and sister a collection of one of a kind masks.

This is not just a book, it's a magical World, it’s an audiovisual experience full of colors and happiness for the whole family. Discover the magical world, download the activities and watch the animated stories at happystoriesbymaria.com

Estel and Mar are inspired by my nieces, Elvira and Marta, they are the sweetest, most creative, smartest girls. They have the biggest hearts. I’m lucky enough to grow with them, and learn from their magic. Cleo, the butterfly, was named after the first born daughter of one of my favourite persons in the World, my friend Arami. Cleo was born just when all this pandemic started, bringing hope and happiness to all of us. Maria


polaroid, everything will be ok

Moltes gràcies for your love, your support and your smiles... Everything will be ok!